Machinery REfurbishment

Repair and refurbishment of machinery is our specialty - from a simple repair upwards to a full rebuild with new components in a new steel hull. Send your machines, containers, jacking frames and pumps to us or let us have a look on site - we at Tunnel Service Group GmbH work to give it a second life again. And even a third or fourth life if you want us to.


Levels of Refurbishment

Depending on your time schedule and budget we offer different service packages, starting from a simple repair to a full rebuild back to perfect condition; comparable nearly to a new machine. Often our clients also require mixtures of what we call 'repair', 'service' and 'full rebuild'. Get an impression below and talk to us for a tailor-made offer, taking into account exactly what you have, need and how much you would like to spend.

Herrenknecht AVN600 bypass repair


'Repair' is our smallest project volume for small budgets or full timetables - or simply for good machines with a small problem only. We only repair exactly what you want us to and add a standard outgoing test if desired. If necessary we will make suggestions about what else should be done shortly or in the future. 'Repair' can be done both in our workshop or on your site or yard.

Typical examples would be to unclog a greasing system, to fix hydraulic problems or a leaking bypass or to change a hydraulic pump or an electronic component of your steering container.

AVN400 in service


'Service' is our standard, often combined with repairs. Recommended after a number of drives, during a winter break or before a more complex project starts. We do a profound checkup of your system, including all necessary maintenance works, change of wear parts according to your wishes, cleaning out your hydraulic system and electronic components, have a system backup made for you and finish with a comprehensive outgoing test.

Typical examples are a checkup of a steering container including a filter and oil change, a machine service with bearing oil change, change of hydraulic and slurry hoses

a service of a jacking frame including reconditioning the push cylinders by a specialist company

Control container components during refurbishment

Full Rebuild

'Full Rebuild' is what we are proud of. We can offer to refurbish your machinery at highest quality standards. Recommendable after a serious damage during a drive, before or after selling or buying used machinery or simply to save old machinery that has been lying still for a while.
We take your machinery apart, piece by piece and replace every seal, wear part or bolt. Also all cables and hydraulic hoses will be replaced, the naked steelworks will be either fully replaced or repaired where necessary, then sandblasted and painted in coats. The key components will be tested and then replaced or reconditioned by either the manufacturer or renowned German specialist companies; all other will be replaced where necessary. In the end your machine will be like new - at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. As the service range differs widely with what component is to be fully rebuilt, please find more details below.


Not what you were looking for?


S5/kontron service

Looking for service for your old control systems? Find more about our service abilities and stock of Siemens PLC S5 and KONTRON components:

Service on site

Looking for information on service on site or on your yard? That is what we call "field service". Find more information following the link below:


Looking for information on how your existing system can be upgraded or modernized? Upgrades from S5 to S7, increasing pump power?

Parts refurbishm.

Sometimes it is not necessary to buy new spares and components. Our high-quality refurbishments have warranty. Have a look what we can do:



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