Full rebuild of Steering containers


Tunnel Service Group GmbH offers steering container rebuilds or highest quality. When a container has been flooded or standing idle for a long time, corrosion and dirt often make it useless for the next jobsite. Tunnel Service Group GmbH takes these containers apart and rebuilds them nearly like new.

The hydraulic aggregate is stripped and sandblasted before repainting the tank inside with special paint and the outside in white. All pumps are either replaced or sent to the manufacturer for test and refurbishment. Electric motors are refurbished just like the hydraulic blocs; malfunctioning valves or sensors and all hydraulic hoses, connectors or gauges are replaced.

The old container steel hull is scrapped when leaking and replaced by a Tunnel Service Group GmbH own design, containing useful features such as outside electric and hydraulic connections, separated electrical and hydraulic compartments, rat-proof cable channels near the v´ceiling instead of in the floor or electric wall flaps opening upwards to protect from rain when working on the cabinet.

The electric cabinet is fully rebuilt, using the old components where possible after cleaning and thorough testing. The PLC and the computer are taken apart and each component cleaned and tested individually before rebuilding the units. Also the control panel for the operator is fully rebuild after cleaning, reworking and painting the steel casing. Finally the container is rebuilt using a new set of cables.

Additionally we can also realize changes or upgrades according to your instructions. Talk to us about your options.

steering container before refurbishment
container before refurbishment
container components during refurbishment
container components in refurbishment
container components during refurbishment
container after refurbishment
container after refurbishment

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