Custom-made can be about anything at Tunnel Service Group GmbH. Be it only a specially designed launch-push ring for a particular project or a full hydraulic tunnel aggregate - we are interested in your ideas. Together with our engineers and production staff they can be realized. Our strength is our size; the close cooperation between engineers and experienced jobsite technicians enables us to design solutions perfectly adapted to what is required on site. For you, that means comfort for your technicians and after all saving time and money in your project.


Specially adapted Steelworks

CAD stress test of customized launch-push ring

Besides standard launch-push rings, tail skins, launch seals, spacers, jacking frames and trail pipes we also offer custom-made designs for your particular job.

  • Launch-push rings adapted to special pipe sizes or cases of operation
  • Spacers customized in length and load bearing capacity
  • Retraction mechanisms for push rings and jacking frames
  • Weld-on and modular upskin design for all diameters
  • Diameter reducer pipes for direct pipe drilling
  • Diameter adaptations for jacking frames
  • ...

Contact us about new components perfectly adapted to your needs or custom-made adaptations for existing equipment.


Data solutions

main board of steering computer in microtunneling system

Besides our standard data solutions we can also customize your system. You like a data system that we have on offer but you need more functionality? You want us to change or upgrade your existing software or PLC system? You have a completely new challenge that is not available on the market or only at a prize range way beyond what you can spend?

We have two electronics and software engineers working exclusively in the fields of software development and adaptation. Talk to us and see how we can help you.


Hydraulic solutions

Hydraulic solution in AVN800B power pack

Our mechanical, hydraulic and electronic engineering develops and designs hydraulic solutions, perfectly adapted to your case or application. Compatible with your existing set in every way.

  • Hydraulic (in-tunnel) power units for interjack stations
  • Hydraulic power packs for AVN slurry machines
  • External, compact size power units for jacking frame operation
  • High-efficiency cooling solutions in the tunnel and above ground
  • ...

The list above is meant to give you an overview of units that we have worked on. It is by all means not complete, we react to what you need. So let us know what you need or where your problem is and together we will develop a solution.


Upgrades and system changes

Siemens S7 solution in power pack

The idea of Tunnel Service Group GmbH  is to offer and explain your options and then let you decide what you really want. This means for example that you don't have to upgrade a Siemens PLC S5 system; we can still offer you the full service for Siemens S5. But sometimes there are still reasons to change a system or upgrade it to a new standard.

We at Tunnel Service Group GmbH have experience upgrading existing systems. Be it an upgrade to a Siemens S7 control systems, a hydraulic change or a simple power increase for example for your slurry pumps - our engineers and technicians are ready to help you. Ask us for a recommendation and a quote.

  • Siemens PLC S5 upgrades to S7
  • Power increases for slurry pumps
  • Hydraulic optimizations
  • Additional features for existing systems
  • ...

Project Example: DN800 Powerpack

Powerpack AVN800B with upskin to AVN800A

Our engineers realized what everybody said was not possible: Tunnel Service Group GmbH built a fully functional hydraulic tunnel powerpack with an outer diameter of only 975mm, designed to work with a Herrenknecht container and an AVN800 drilling machine. And we are proud to say that on its first drive it broke the DN800 direct pipe record in North America.  Find more about our latest success:


Your direct contacts to Custom-made solutions

Alex Karsten

Alex Karsten, B.Eng.

Head of Electrical Department

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E-Mail: karsten.alex[at]

Witali Dratschew

Witali Dratschew, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

Head of Software Department

Tel: +49 (0)2421 307 57-0
Fax: +49 (0)2421 307 57-22
E-Mail: dratschew.witali[at]



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