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We sell and manufacture all kinds of components for Herrenknecht microtunneling systems. Most steelworks and many PLC components are fully or partially built in-house. For parts and all other components we work closely together with the same suppliers as the market leaders, enabling us to offer you OEM quality at attractive rates.

Below you will find an overview of a few exemplary components. Be aware that the list is not complete, feel free to inquire with us for anything you may need!




Depending on the type of component the part can be ready-made or customized to your needs, adapted to power, size or load requirements. Our engineers for example calculate loads and stress values or cable diameters for each component individually, coming with a manual and operating instructions. All our in-house productions are fully compatible with Herrenknecht systems.

We also design and build hydraulic and electronic machinery like for example power packs, interjack stations or adapted jacking frame solutions according to your ideas. For more information on customized components please see our section for custom-made solutions.


Examples of PLC/KONTRON Components

PLC grease boxes ready for packing
37-pin box in production
KONTRON computer being built up

Steering and Power cables

37-pin cables ready for manufacturing
24-pin PLC cable ready for manufacturing

Examples of new steelworks

DN2400 push ring and jacking frame being loaded
CAD stress test of customized launch-push ring

Examples of slurry pumps

Habermann pumps ready for shipment
KSB pump, new
Habermann pump, new

Examples of Hydraulic Coolers

special cooler CS2000 without external cooling pump
special cooler CS2000 in CAD

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Harald Rütters

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