Service and Refurbishment


Tunneling equipment has both a high value and high wear. Countless machines worldwide are worn, run-down and not fit for a safe usage anymore. However, the core parts can be reworked and the wear parts and key components be replaced or refurbished so that the machine will be nearly as good as new again - at a fraction of the new cost.

Besides repair and maintenance service, Tunnel Service Group GmbH specializes in high-quality, full refurbishments of tunneling machines and control containers. Also for control systems based on Siemens S5 PLC systems and KONTRON computers, Tunnel Service Group GmbH still offers the full bandwith of spare parts and service by our experienced technicians.

Herrenknecht AVN600 bypass repair
Machinery Refurbishment

Machines, containers, jacking frames and pumps - from a simple repair to a full rebuild we offer everything for all main components of a microtunneling set. Look here for refurbishments.

AVN800 main bearing after refurbishment
spare part refurbishment

It doesn't always have to be a new part. Expensive parts can often be refurbished to a state like new. Our high-quality refurbishments have warranties. Look here which parts we can rework for you.

Siemens S5 rack being filled with S5 cards
S5 and KONTRON Service

Siemens S5 and KONTRON computers built in many microtunneling machines have officially been discontinued. We still offer service and spare parts; look here to see what we keep on stock for you.


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Service on site

Looking for information on service on site or on your yard? That is what we call "field service". Find more information following the link below:


Looking for information on how your existing system can be upgraded or modernized? Upgrades from S5 to S7, increasing pump power?



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